Will You Pray for These 2024 Gospel Opportunities?

Hurting people around the globe are searching for hope. Many look to their circumstances, relationships, or possessions to bring satisfaction—but they still find themselves unfulfilled.

Lasting hope is possible. It’s found through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 2024, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) will share the Good News of Jesus Christ in countries across four continents—North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

In each location, local churches are partnering with BGEA in support of a Franklin Graham Festival or Will Graham Celebration.

Church involvement “is crucial,” said Viktor Hamm, vice president of Crusade Ministries for BGEA, “because the Great Commission has been given to the local church.”

This Biblical command never changes, despite the struggle many congregations face with attendance slipping since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the midst of all the darkness and hopelessness in the world, there is that remnant in every denomination of the church that is really on fire for the Lord,” said Hamm.

Looking ahead to BGEA’s evangelistic outreaches, will you pray as the Good News is shared in each of the following places?

2024 Event Schedule

Feb. 17–18: Franklin Graham is returning to Mexico City for the Festival of Hope (Esperanza CDMX). So many need to hear of God’s love in the world’s sixth-largest city, and Christians are busy preparing for the outreach—and praying for their friends and family who don’t know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Feb. 24¬–March 9: In 10 communities along the U.S.-Mexico border, Franklin Graham will hold one-day evangelistic events featuring a Gospel message and live music. From Texas to California, many residents there struggle with poverty, unemployment, addiction, and homelessness. Pray for God to open hearts on both sides of the border during the God Loves You Frontera Tour—and transform entire cities with the Gospel.

April 13: This spring, hundreds of buses from across Poland will transport people to Kraków to hear a message of hope from Franklin Graham. The nation is one of Europe’s largest hosts of Ukrainian refugees who have fled the fighting in their homeland. Will you pray that many will find peace with God through Jesus Christ during this outreach?

April 26: Will Graham will preach the Gospel in Portugal during the Celebration of Hope in Porto, a major coastal city in southwest Europe. The majority of people across the country claim to be Christian; however, only a fraction of citizens profess having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

June 15 & 22: The God Loves You Tour with Franklin Graham will stop in two United Kingdom cities: Birmingham, England, followed by Glasgow, Scotland. More than 10,000 people attended last summer’s London stop. Christianity has been declining across the U.K. in past years, with more and more people claiming no faith at all.

June 29: Will Graham will share the Gospel in Australia’s Gold Coast region this coming winter. This is a fast-growing area where the average age of residents is 39 years old, and nearly a third of residents say they don’t believe in God. Will Graham’s last Australian outreach was in Tasmania in 2022 when about 60% of people who responded to the Gospel were under the age of 18.

Sept. 14: Franklin Graham is returning to Italy following his 2022 and 2023 Festivals in Milan and Rome, respectively. Next year’s event will be held in the port city of Naples, to the south. The COVID-19 pandemic hit this nation hard, and it revealed the great physical and spiritual needs across the country.

Date TBA: BGEA is working with churches in Longmont, Colorado, who are praying expectantly for God to move as Will Graham shares the Good News in this beautiful Rocky Mountain city. Despite the natural beauty, a state-wide poll this year showed that Coloradans are worried about the cost of living, inflation, crime, and public safety.

Dec. 3–4: Franklin Graham will wrap up 2024 with another opportunity to preach the Gospel in Can Tho, Vietnam, on December 3–4. Many people in this nations are hungry to learn about God’s love and grace where Buddhism has been the predominant religion for centuries.

As Franklin Graham and Will Graham tell others about Jesus Christ on four continents, will you pray for transformed lives?

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