Questions of purpose answered as Will Graham shares Christ at the Goldfields Celebration.

The Goldfields Celebration with Will Graham began Friday night in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. The historic town is along the edge of the desert and is known for having one of the richest goldmines in the world called the “Super Pit.” With many people in the trenches of immorality and unsatisfied with their lives, Will Graham’s message on purpose hit home.

The Afters gave an energetic performance, even inviting nearly a dozen children to join them on stage for a song.

Despite the chilly weather as winter approaches in Australia, many hearts were warmed in worship.

A man talks with a prayer volunteer about his decision for Christ. Several participants who chose to follow Christ couldn’t wait for Will Graham to finish the invitation. While he was still talking, they excitedly began hugging volunteers who were nearby to help.

Using a pen as an illustration, Will Graham asked the audience, “What is the purpose of a pen?” A young girl who sat down front became exasperated with Will, trying to help show him how to use a pen correctly. Will explained how a pen is useless on its own—it only works when it’s in its master’s hands, the same as us.

The three-day event began with the opening act Skypilot, a rock band from Queensland. One of the lead members is Jordan Grace, the youngest son of Steve Grace, who will also be performing at the Celebration this weekend.

This little girl was one of dozens who participated in Friday’s event. Several people came from more than 1,000 km away.

“I truly believe God is bigger than all the brokenness in this world,” said Josh Havens, lead singer of The Afters, who made sure to keep the focus on Christ. “There’s nothing that’s impacted my life more than the Gospel.”



Young people crowded around the stage to be close to the bands, enjoying the memorable evening. Will Graham mentioned his own children while speaking, saying he plans to give them Tim Tams, an Australian biscuit, when he returns to the U.S. Will shared just as he will offer his kids a free gift, Christ offers everyone the free gift of eternal life.

“Our one purpose is to know Jesus,” Will Graham said at the Celebration. Many came forward to fulfill their purpose, rededicating or giving their lives to the Lord for the first time. After the event, two women joyfully called a friend saying, “We’re crying our eyes out.” Watch the event continue in the down under live on Saturday night at

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