Welcome to the family was the special teaching resources theme prepared for distribution to Indigenous Australian communities in outback Australia as a follow-up to Reality Alice Springs with Will Graham.
A teaching video and large laminated posters were focussed on eight different relationships that believers should consider:

  • Our relationship with God
  • Our relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Our relationship with the Holy Spirit
  • Our relationship with the Word of God
  • Our relationship with the church
  • Our relationship with our families
  • Our relationship with the world, and
  • Our relationship with the Good News.

Steve Grace is well-known in the outback. In the last eight months, he reports to have travelled approximately 22,000 kilometres to share the vision of Reality Alice Springs with Indigenous folk. He also followed up with the people who responded to the Gospel message at Reality Alice Springs. Steve and his team contended with freezing winter conditions in desert country and endured unseasonal, heavy rains that closed roads and caused other difficulties, but by the grace of God, they managed to reach every destination they set out to visit.
We are very grateful to partner with Steve Grace as we seek ways to bring the Gospel and discipleship to remote parts of the country. Steve reports that some communities are still in a mode of revival when he visited after Reality Alice Springs. Sing-a-longs and Bible readings took place every night around campfires. Steve shared, “It was encouraging to see communities like Lake Nash, Ampilatwatja, Ali Curung, and Yuendumu eager to carry on church growth via these means”. Sadly, this was not the case for every community visited, but we rejoice in the fact that the resources, including audio Bibles, were gladly accepted by all communities and we pray the local church will utilise these to the glory of God.
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