Through over 60 years of global ministry, God has blessed Billy Graham and his team with practical and effective strategies for proclamation evangelism and evangelistic preaching. Now you can study these time-tested principles through online lessons and instructional videos at your own pace.
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What People Say

The video gave “life” to the information

“Reference materials and reading assignments provided ample time to study at my pace. I love to underline and save materials for future reference. While the video and audio gave “life” to the information, the transcripts provided a method that I could closely review the material presented.”

Material was well planned …

“I really appreciated the introductory videos Will conducted for each section which enabled me to get the idea of the concept prior to digging into the academic portion. The selection of the various reading material was well planned and will enable me to sharpen my understanding later as well as being a great reference.”

It fueled my burden for the lost …

“It was all strong, but I think I got the most out of the Fall of Man (session 2). It fueled my burden for those who are lost. The sermon about Hell was a grim reminder to me just what all is at stake for those who are not saved and why it is so important that Christians strive to share the Gospel message everywhere we go and in everything we do.”

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