Dear Friend,

God uses you as an active partner in the Search for Jesus internet evangelism outreach. You are sharing Christ’s “love and steadfastness of hope” (1 Thessalonians 1:3, ESV) with searching hearts every day—around the world. You do this through your prayers and gifts and we are grateful.

A unique aspect of internet ministry is the opportunity to offer spiritual help focused on specific places where a disaster or crisis is stirring fear and uncertainty. Because of the severe economic and political chaos in Venezuela, the Search for Jesus team created a special page to offer Venezuelans “encouragement in Christ” (Philippians 2:1). As a result, more than 100,000 people have visited the special site, and thousands have indicated making a life-changing decision for Jesus Christ.

Others who are already followers of Christ have found reassurance and comfort. One woman wrote, “The situation in our country has affected my faith. … I want to trust Jesus.” The stories of God at work through this online ministry to Venezuelans are still in progress. I pray you are blessed by reports in this update from several other parts of the world.

Friends like you are our “fellow workers in Christ Jesus … to whom not only I give thanks, but also all the churches” (Romans 16:3–4, NKJV) around the world who receive and disciple new believers as a result of the Search for Jesus ministry.

May God bless you,

Franklin Graham


“This changed my life”

Johan,* who lives in Africa, knew he had drifted far from God. So when he came across one of our Search for Jesus websites, he decided to sign up for the free Know Jesus course, an online Bible study guided by a trained volunteer. He was paired with Michael, a grandfather living in Australia, who would encourage and shepherd Johan through each segment of the study. Johan wrote, “Michael, I don’t know how I found myself on this website. All I know is that I am seeking a way of getting back to the Heavenly Father.”

It was Michael’s first time guiding someone in this way. Weeks later, when he completed the course, Johan wrote, “This changed my life. Your guidance changed my perception of how God looks at us.” The words left Michael feeling stunned and humbled to think he had helped make such an impact on Johan’s heart. He wept as he continued reading, “God has really used you to bring me back to Him. I’m no longer the same.”

Volunteers like Michael from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Spain, Australia and the United Kingdom engage one-on-one with people around the world via the internet. Through his encounter with Johan, Michael realized he was doing real mission work—this online ministry allowed him in Australia to significantly touch a life for Christ in Africa. “Even though I’m not an overseas missionary,” he says, “Search for Jesus gives me the opportunity to be one.”

In a final exchange with Michael, Johan wrote, “I’m now able to pray to my God with faith. I’m determined never to look back again.” Will you pray for Johan and the many others whose hearts God touches through this outreach? Pray also that the Holy Spirit will continue drawing souls to Search for Jesus from all over the world.


Part-time believer

“I consider myself a part-time believer.” That’s how Jacob,* who lives in the United States, described his spiritual condition after connecting with Barry, one of our trained online volunteers on the website. When he mentioned being depressed and struggling with anxiety, Barry immediately suggested a resource to help Jacob locate a professional Christian counselor in his area.

Jacob went on to talk about his lack of peace. He also described the way worry and stress can incapacitate him at times. Barry shared some Scripture about dealing with anxiety. More importantly, though, he challenged Jacob to surrender his life to God. “He wants all of you, Jacob, not part of you.”

Barry then shared the Gospel with him, explaining what Christ did on the cross in order to give us forgiveness of sins. Jacob prayed, asking God to come into his life and bring the peace that passes all understanding. Then he said to the volunteer, “Thank you. This is amazing. God has spoken to me through you.” Barry ended by pointing Jacob to a church referal website developed by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to help people find a Bible-believing, Gospel-sharing church in their area.


He wanted “the joy and unconditional love” of Jesus

Philip,* now in his late 20s, attended Catholic schools as a child and has always had an interest in Christianity. But after his grandfather took his own life, Philip entered what he calls a “dark season.” He explored Buddhism, tried Mormon worship, and even looked into joining a group that mixes elements of several religions.

The whole time, though, he kept feeling a tug toward all that Jesus Christ represents. One day, after moving to South Korea to teach English, he was clicking around on the internet when he discovered Philip connected with a trained online volunteer named Scott and told him that he wanted “the joy and unconditional love” offered by Jesus Christ. “I am just looking to pursue that fully.”

The two stayed in touch for months as Scott helped Philip sort through his misperceptions about God and better understand what the Bible teaches about salvation. He also urged Philip to start attending a Bible-believing church near him in Korea. Philip began to ask questions about baptism, but then suddenly stopped communicating. Scott had no idea what had happened until much later when an email arrived from Philip saying he had been in a serious bike accident. But since then, he had connected with a church, was being discipled there and had received baptism—he even sent a photograph.



Bangkok, Thailand

Earlier this year, Franklin Graham led an evangelistic Festival in Bangkok. In addition to the crowd at the arena, more than 79,000 people participated via live streaming on the internet, and trained volunteers were available online to answer questions and pray with viewers. A Thai couple (pictured) serving online answered a woman’s additional questions about the Gospel, and she gave her life to Jesus Christ. The woman was so excited that she asked to meet the couple who had helped her. The three met later at a McDonald’s to talk about follow-up and celebrate new life in Christ.



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