Hundreds attended the final night of the three-day Tasmania Celebration with Will Graham in Launceston, while others from 18 countries watched the event online.

This weekend’s Celebration was two years in the making and the culmination of many prayers.

Will Graham spoke on Psalm 107, which shares how the heart can search continually for something, but never find what it’s looking for until knowing God.

Over the course of three days, many decided to mend or start a relationship with God—particularly youth. About 60 percent of those who made a decision for Christ this weekend were between the ages 10 to 18.

Trained Prayer Volunteers greeted those who made a decision to follow Christ, connecting them to a local church and providing special materials to help grow their faith.

Joshua Havens of The Afters got the crowd on their feet in worship.

The riverside city is in northern Tasmania, Australia, and famous for its Cataract Gorge. Will Graham said the location should be added to one’s bucket list. The area reminds him a lot of his home near Asheville, North Carolina—except Launceston is nearby an ocean.

CASS, a singer-songwriter from New Zealand, encouraged the audience to lift up their voices to the heavens.

While much of the Celebration consisted of kids dancing and singing, they turned very quiet and attentive upon hearing the Gospel message. “What’s really important,” Will Graham said, “is what God has to say to us tonight.”

No one is ever too young to take a step of faith and start a relationship with God.

The Afters has a habit of inviting a few kids from the audience to join them onstage, making a memory that will last a lifetime.

“We’ve had a tremendous couple of nights here,” Will Graham said of the Celebration, even before many more came forward to receive Christ Sunday night. “We just want to thank the Lord for what’s taking place.”

Will you continue to pray for the new believers in Tasmania in the days to come?


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