We are launching the Search for Jesus evangelism ministry in Australia.
Search for Jesus is an internet evangelistic tool that is reaching millions worldwide. People experience the gospel through our interactive website, PeaceWithGod.net, and have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with a trained volunteer who can guide them in their faith.
Since the launch of this ministry in America six years ago, over 50 million people around the world have come across the website, and over 10 million have indicated making a decision for Christ, many of them in countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith.
As this program is rolled out in Australia and New Zealand over the next few years, we will be seeking qualified volunteers to coach seekers on several levels. A chat coach interacts in real time with seekers, an email coach answers questions asked on the website, and a discipleship coach works through online discipleship materials with those wanting to go further. We also seek to establish a network of local churches to receive and continue discipling online contacts.
For more information about the Search for Jesus Internet Evangelism Program, go to billygraham.org.au/sfj
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