SOE Seminar
School of Evangelism in Sydney
We rejoice that in this day and age, and with very limited advertising, we were able to gather 108 people for our School of Evangelism Seminar on 16 May in Sydney. Every participant was offered free registration to the BGEA School of Evangelism online, with the course normally completed within six months of study.
Our aim was to encourage and assist people who have the call of evangelism on their lives to step out with renewed enthusiasm and share the Gospel in effective ways.
We were blessed to have a number of outstanding speakers at our seminar:

  • Will Graham–Board First Vice Chairman and Vice President of the Billy Graham Training Centre, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, USA
    Will was the keynote speaker and taught the importance of a clear presentation of the Gospel message in evangelism.
  • Bill Newman–Distinguished Australian speaker and international evangelist
    Bill spoke about the impact of public Gospel proclamation on the local church.
  • Gary Cobb–Director of Training at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, USA
    Gary shared how to effectively prepare the local church for a city-wide Gospel proclamation event.
  • David Ruiz–Associate evangelist with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Latin America
    David spoke about the relevance of the Bible to all culture and time periods.
  • Karl Faase–Well-known Australian Christian communicator, social commentator, and CEO of Olive Tree Media
    Karl discussed research of key factors affecting the the attitudes of Australians towards the Christian Church and how to navigate past these ‘faith blockers’ in order to effectively share the Gospel.

The responses from participants was so encouraging that we are now considering having similar events next year in Melbourne and in Brisbane. Please pray that this will be possible.
Ken Overton, a long-time good friend of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association who brought some of his friends from Tasmania to the seminar, shared with us: “Today restored in me the joy of my salvation, but also has given me a fresh understanding of people around me who are lost. I have a renewed heart for the people in the community, and for always being ready to give an answer for the hope that is within us.”

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