We were overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up at the Brisbane Convention Centre to attend the SOE seminar, led by Will Graham.
We had expected approximately 100 people to attend and had booked a room with 120 capacity just in case we had extra people arrive on the day.
We were so encouraged when 136 people arrived! Speakers included Will Graham of the USA and Robert Cunville of India, both longtime associate evangelists with the
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; Bill Newman, an international evangelist from Australia; Dale Stephenson, senior pastor of Crossway Baptist Church, Australia’s
largest Baptist church; and Gary Cobb, director of training for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
At the end of the seminar, every delegate received a password for the Billy Graham School of Evangelism Online, allowing access for the next six months.
We praise God for touching the hearts of so many people, giving them a desire to reach fellow Australians with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to be further equipped for that calling.
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