Pride Month: Balancing Truth and Grace

“We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.”
—1 John 5:19, ESV

A recent Gallup poll concluded that more than one in five Generation Z adults identify as LGBTQ. But how does this align with the Bible?

“There is no space for compromise on the topic of homosexuality when it comes to those who believe in Jesus Christ,” said Cissie Graham Lynch on her latest Fearless podcast episode. “It is a sin against God.”

When we have LGBTQ friends and family members, it may seem hard to balance showing love and standing firm on the truth of God’s Word, she added.

So how can Christians respond to the ever-increasing shift away from God’s design for sexuality?

“There’s a space for compassion, but compassion cannot be allowed to spill into compromise of your belief in God’s plan,” said Lynch.

“Love is when we walk according to His commandments,” she reminded her listeners.

Hear more as Cissie provides Biblical insight from God’s Word on this issue and offers a challenge to help you maintain a solid foundation as your family navigates these challenging times.

Listen to the full podcast below.