For decades, Vietnamese Christians have prayed persistently for their friends and family to follow Christ, and experience the freedom and hope He offers. After this weekend’s Love Hanoi Festival with Franklin Graham, they have plenty to celebrate. Now, these faithful Christians have more brothers and sisters in Christ to join them in their prayers after so many around Hanoi responded to the Gospel.

Saturday was the second and final day of the long-awaited Festival. A couple of hours before the main event began, people were already filling space outside the Quan Ngua Sports Complex in Hanoi where an extended area was set up with screens to show the Festival. Franklin Graham took a peek from a side room in the venue.


A space outside the venue where families could watch the Festival onscreen once it was full inside.


A woman dressed in traditional Vietnamese clothing sometimes found in more mountainous areas of the country.


Many people traveled to the event by bus.


A praise band led worship with some popular Christian songs.


An elaborate skit illustrated how God’s Word has provided hope for the oppressed throughout the ages.


Vietnam’s flag in one hand and a flag of many nations in another. No matter where a person is from, we’re all family in Christ.


As two people sang “Oh Holy Night,” an artist painted a picture of the nativity scene on the right, then flipped it over to reveal the face of Christ.


An interpreter stayed by Franklin’s side to deliver his message in Vietnamese.


Dozens of people wore the same white baseball hat with the name of a local company on it. The group was from a factory run by a Christian owner who invited his employees to the Festival.


A group of drummers captivated the audience.


One counselor leads a man through God’s plan of salvation.


This duo from Korea sang a song called “Glorious” about the magnificence of God.


A single photo can’t possibly capture the mass of people who stood shoulder to shoulder on the floor of the venue at the end of the night. And they kept coming.


Sometimes the best reaction to the Gospel is to be overcome by its power and simplicity.


One can only imagine the impact that the Love Hanoi Festival will have on generations to come, thanks in large part to hundreds of churches that have come together with a common goal of sharing Christ with their neighbors. Don’t forget to keep this nation in prayer as God’s kingdom continues to grow worldwide.


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