“You’re important to God. You have a soul, you have a spirit. … He wants to talk to you. He wants you to talk to Him.” This was Franklin Graham’s last message in Australia as the 16-day Graham Tour came to a close in Sydney, Australia, where more than 6,800 gathered Sunday night.

Sixteen days of criss-crossing Australia. Time well spent changing the spiritual landscape of this wild and rugged continent and its warmhearted people.

Sunday night in Sydney, Franklin Graham issued yet another invitation on the last night of the Graham Tour. He urged Aussies to confess their sins and surrender their hearts to Christ.

“Let’s get this straight [with God] tonight. Do it. Come on,” he said.

Many of those who heard the Gospel these past two-plus weeks did. Thousands of the more than 59,000 people who attended the tour received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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Another 30,000 around the world in 114 countries watched the live stream, with more than 1,600 indicating decisions for Christ online and via text through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s internet ministry, Search for Jesus.

And there was a great celebration at the end of the invitation at all seven tour stops.

“Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” —Luke 15:10

A Recap of the Graham Tour

In 1959, God worked through Billy Graham’s Crusades to change this country.

Six decades later, the Graham Tour was birthed out of a desire to share the Gospel across Australia once more.

Every stop on the tour was unique. First, Perth, a very isolated city on the outskirts of Australia’s vast outback. Then to Darwin in the remote Northern Territory. Moving southbound to the trendy city of Melbourne. Northward to Brisbane—the only outdoor venue on the tour. On to Adelaide in South Australia and finally to Sydney, the largest city in Australia.

‘We’re Desperate for Revival Here’

“We have loved every minute of it,” Franklin Graham said of the Graham Tour. In his final message Sunday in Sydney, he asked the crowd one last time, “If you died tonight, would [God] welcome you?”

Gayle Cale, who lives in a Sydney suburb, was one of 6,000 prayer volunteers throughout Australia who answered questions and prayed with people who came forward at Franklin’s invitations to accept Christ.

“We’re desperate for revival here,” she said.

Arriving early Sunday at the International Convention Centre Theatre, she took time to marvel at the enormity of it all—and how the Gospel is working in her nation.

“It was exactly what people in Australia and everywhere need to hear,” she said.

Gayle noted how Franklin clearly presents the Gospel as his father did when she heard him preach in Sydney in 1968.

Another prayer volunteer, John Fitzpatrick from the town of Kiama, was a brand new believer when he attended Billy Graham’s 1979 Sydney Crusade.

He called the Graham Tour “a big blessing” and commented on everyone who came together to help make it happen. Over 260 churches, in fact. “It’s been a great catalyst for huge growth,” he said.

The hope of those involved in the evangelistic tour is for a lasting spiritual impact on Australia. More than 12,000 people were trained to disciple others through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s (BGEA) Christian Life and Witness class. This practical course teaches Christians how to effectively share their faith.

The BGEA also works with local churches to follow up with each new believer. Every person who came forward during the Graham Tour will be connected to a Bible-based church to help them grow and mature in their faith.

As the music and messages come to an end in this vast land, one thing remains: the seeds of hope and new life in Christ that have been scattered across the great nation.

“I’m thankful for [Billy Graham],” said Gayle, “and how his legacy of sharing the Gospel lives on through his son.”

John shared the same sentiments.

“So much is born from these moments,” he said, reflecting on Billy and Franklin Graham’s impact across his country. “They’re instrumental to lighting fresh fire for the move of God in Australia.”

Would God welcome you to heaven? You can be sure. Pray now.

Sixty years ago, Billy Graham’s Australia Crusades stirred up faith in God in the Land Down Under. One in every three people attended an event and millions more listened via radio, TV broadcasts and landlines. In all, it’s estimated that half of the population heard the Gospel in 1959 and more than 140,000 made a public decision for Christ.

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