Reality Sunday morning
Altar Call on Sunday Morning
You prayed; the Lord answered! We sent out an urgent prayer request in April for three major events held between the beginning of April and the end of May: School of Evangelism; Come Together Sunraysia with Bill Newman evangelism rally; and Reality Alice Springs with Will Graham evangelism rally.
Since the large Billy Graham crusades and Franklin Graham celebrations of yesteryear, we have never had such an intense period of ministry for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Australia. Our small team was stretched to the limit in the months leading up to these events, and our funds took a dive. But there is nothing as powerful as agreement in prayer, as we stepped out really believing that the fields are truly white for harvest, as Jesus said in John 4:35 (NKJV).
By God’s grace alone, we saw a combined total of 1,010 people step forward at altar calls in Mildura and Alice Springs 419 of these people made first decisions for Christ, whereas the others were mostly recommitments or other enquiries. The crowds that stepped forward in Alice Springs were so large that there were insufficient counsellors at times to individually counsel all the enquirers, and to fill out cards for each one of them. We can only take statistics of people for whom we have a card filled in.
Steve Grace did an extended tour through Central Australia in the weeks prior to Reality Alice Springs, sharing the Gospel and inviting people from desert communities and town camps to come to Reality Alice Springs.
Steve is now back on the road again to visit many of the Indigenous communities as a follow-up program for those who made commitments during Reality Alice Springs. The followup program will include: a discipleship training video lmed with Bill Newman; large laminated posters with discipleship teaching key points for every community visited; and also dozens of solar powered mp3 players with a complete Bible and Will Graham’s messages from Reality Alice Springs. These wonderful mp3 players were provided to us as a gift by Leading The Way ministry and they are suitable for community based Bible listening. Please pray that this will be a very successful trip and that Steve Grace will return safe and sound, rejoicing about what the Lord has done in these communities.
The local churches are following up with enquirers who live in Alice Springs.
Please join us in prayer for all the new believers that they will grow in faith. Please pray also for all churches in Alice Springs, that they will see growth not only in numbers but also in commitment to continue reaching out to the community for Christ.

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