“I am in a miserable condition.” That’s how Maya* introduced herself to Carolyn, one of our volunteer online discipleship coaches. Although it might not have shown when she was among friends at her university, inside she was struggling in her faith and wrestling with important personal decisions. Maya lives in Syria and told Carolyn she had once been a Muslim, but now follows Jesus Christ. Amidst the turmoil, danger, and uncertainty that characterise life in Syria today, she didn’t feel safe going to church and didn’t know where to turn for help or who to trust. She discovered the free Know Jesus online discipleship course offered by our Search for Jesus internet ministry and signed up. Each person who signs up is guided through the study by a trained volunteer coach, and Carolyn poured love and encouragement—and Scripture—into Maya’s life throughout the course.

Maya responded to study questions with thoughtful answers that showed her eagerly applying what she was learning. When asked about ways Jesus was making a difference in her life, she wrote first about His help in coping with fear and uncertainty. On a later question, she described how the Holy Spirit strengthens her in times of weakness and helps her know how to pray.

At the end of the monthlong course, Maya wanted to be certain about one final thing: “If I believe in Jesus, I will not die?” Carolyn answered with Scripture passages about eternal life, resurrection and heaven, along with verses on how to be sure of our salvation. Maya thanked Carolyn and told her, “I adore your gentleness.”

“I praise God” says Carolyn, “that He allowed me to be a part of her spiritual journey, even though we live on opposite sides of the world!”


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