Regardless of age and maturity, evangelism can be daunting for any Christian.

It may be that we don’t know what to say or how to say it—or it could just be about having the courage to say anything at all.

That’s why dozens of Christian Life and Witness Courses (CLWC) are being held across New Zealand ahead of the God Loves You Tour with Franklin Graham in November. Six out of 10 people in this country say they don’t believe in God.

In Auckland, more than 100 believers were reminded that God can use ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

“This course is not just for pastors or ministry leaders, but this is for everyone,” one CLWC leader said. The course is free, and it equips Christians with the tools and confidence to share their faith in Jesus Christ.

With Auckland being a diverse and populous area of the country, Isaac Proctor, 23, and Jerome Muaimalae, 25, believe it’s a critical time to evangelize and introduce young people to Christ.

“As Christians, we need to reach the young people who we encounter at either university or college, and we must be prepared to share the Gospel in a clear and simple way,” said Jerome, who has been inspired by watching sermons of Billy Graham online.

For Isaac, restoring his zeal for telling others was something he’d been praying for.

“The idea of the Great Commission and evangelism was something I always knew was important, but I had to ask God to truly put that passion in my heart,” Isaac said. “That’s why I’m here, because today He gave me that heart for evangelism.”

Jerome offered his own reason for attending: “I’m here to learn how to be prepared to give an answer about Jesus Christ to anyone—to learn how to effectively evangelize and always put the Gospel first.”

During the course, both shared how they felt empowered to boldly share the hope of Christ with others. Both Jerome and Isaac signed up to be counselors at the God Loves You Tour event in Auckland on Nov. 19.

“Evangelism is vital for young Christians,” Isaac said. He explained the younger generation today feels disconnected and afraid to share their beliefs. “Even though times have changed, the core principle of evangelism never changes; it always points back to the cross of Christ.”

From now until he serves as a counselor in November, Isaac is praying for opportunities to share the Gospel message, open hearts to receive it, and courage to stay grounded in the Gospel.

“God uses each generation to reach their own generation. That’s why I want God to use me to draw hearts back to Him,” said Isaac. “Sharing your faith with others can sometimes be lost and forgotten in our walk with Christ, but this course has revitalized and resharpened my focus on evangelism.”

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