Evangelism rallies are organised by BGEA Australia with two different names: Reality and Come Together. The format, training and processes are the same, the distinguishing differences are that;

·         Reality has Will Graham as the evangelist. Reality events are held only once every second year.

·         Come Together has Bill Newman as the lead evangelist and we aim to have four or more events per year.

If the majority of church ministers (through the minister’s fraternal) in your city are interested in the Come Together program, we are willing to visit your city to tell you more about it and to share with you the impact of previous evangelism rallies in regional Australian cities and towns. We would carry the cost of the visit and there would be no prior commitment required from the church leaders other than to ensure that we will in fact be speaking to the leadership of the majority of churches in your city. We prefer to meet with church leaders during an early breakfast meeting after a brief time of communal prayer.

To express interest or receive more information about these events, please complete the form below and we will contact you.