Come Together Bill Newman
Bill Newman was the lead evangelist at Come Together Sunraysia
We praise the Lord for a total of 164 people going forward during the altar calls in response to the preaching of the Gospel. There were 106 first decisions for Christ, 23 were rededications and the others came forward for a variety of spiritual needs.
Much prayer went up during the week of Come Together Sunraysia, as there were threatening storms about. Prayers were fervent for the rain to hold off as it was an open air venue. The Lord blessed us and the only rain that was experienced was during the altar call at the end of the event on Saturday night.
Like Alice Springs, the preparation for the Come Together evangelism rallies was planned and prayed for by many over a period of 9 months. There was much rejoicing when we saw the crowds come to the events and the wonderful responses. There were many memorable moments too numerous to mention, but below we highlight a few:

  • Mathew Kirirua recommitted his life in response to the preaching on Sunday evening. Three of his children and one of his nephews made first commitments for Christ at the same time.
  • There were several people from Middle Eastern cultures who came forward during the altar call.
  • We saw parents and young children step forward during the altar call at Kidzfest, and many youths went forward at the youth event.
  • A teenage girl brought her four best friends with her to hear the Gospel and they all made commitments to Christ. They are now being discipled and followed up by the teenager’s mother, who happens to be in full-time Christian ministry.

Jason Deroon (Co-Chairman of Come Together Sunraysia) shared: ‘Over the months of preparation it was wonderful to see the excitement on the part of local churches and individuals in getting behind Come Together Sunraysia. Many people donated hours of their time and their dollars to provide an opportunity for people to hear the Gospel of Jesus.
‘Many in the planning committee were from various churches and formed new connections and relationships that they might not have otherwise had—that is a blessing to many inter-church relationships.
‘The weekend itself went smoothly and was a blessing in that many people responded to the preaching of the Gospel by making first decisions to follow Jesus, while many others made recommitments.
‘The local churches have quickly followed up on these responders, providing Bibles and pastoral care, and slotting them into discipleship groups and ministries, and there have even been some baptisms since. We look forward to seeing how these individuals grow and continue in their faith in the months and years to come’.
Pastor Roland Tankard (Co-Chairman of Come Together Sunraysia) shared: ‘The first event held at Nowingi Place was in 2009, a Gospel music festival called “Riverfest”, which I chaired. From the early meetings, this venue was in our hearts for the 2016 event. It was booked for another event but was providentially released back to us, which we thank Christ for His providence. To have kids, youth and family-focused events over three days was a fulfulfillment of God’s heart to reach everyone with the Gospel.
‘Bill Newman preached with the same passion I’d heard in our region in the mid-80s. It stirs us to carry the flame of the Gospel and run the race well. ‘I am thankful for the friendships formed with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association leaders; they were also a great blessing and easy to work with. ‘Many things happened over the weekend. For me, being in an open park area connecting with people walking around was signicant. I connected in the dim light of evening with a Hazara Afghan family who had escaped their homeland, and I was able to pray with them. Likewise, an Iraqi man with his son shared many difficult stories with me and we prayed together’.
Please join us in prayer for all the new believers that they will grow in faith. Please pray also for all churches in the Sunraysia region, that they will see growth not only in numbers but also in commitment to continue reaching out to the community for Christ.
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