A new celebration of hope season in Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Canada

The cold wind and snow signals a harsh new winter for Happy Valley-Goose Bay in northern Labrador, but it’s also a season of new hope in Christ for many who were part of the Celebration of Hope with Will Graham.
More than 400 people filled the E.J. Broomfield arena on Saturday night Nov. 12, as top Canadian Christian artists Manafest, the Color, and the City Harmonic delivered energetic and inspiring Christian music, and Will Graham shared a message of the Salvation that can only be found in Jesus.
Will Graham challenged the audience with a simple question: What’s the most important news you’ve ever heard?
“Was [the news] something good, or was it that someone you loved has died or overdosed?” Will asked. “I want to share with you the greatest news I’ve ever heard, and I don’t know where that will meet you tonight. Are you desperate for meaning? Maybe this feels like your last chance tonight.”
Citing John 3:16 (“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life”), Will said that while sin separates man from God, simply by accepting the gift of Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ, anyone can receive forgiveness and freedom.
“Someone had to pay the bill for our sins, and we can’t, but God loves you enough that He sent His Son to the cross to die in your place,” Will said. “You’re not here by accident tonight, and I’m asking you to come forward and accept what God is offering – but it will take courage to stand before others and do this.”
In response, one-by-one, some hand-in-hand and others in small groups, people made their way to the front of the E.J. Broomfield arena to accept Christ as Saviour or to rededicate their lives to Him.
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